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Silt Fence with Welded Wire Mesh for Erosion Protection

Silt erosion protection fence, also known as silt fence, is a temporary sediment control measure used in construction sites or areas where soil erosion is a concern. It is typically made of geotextile fabric, which allows water to pass through while trapping sediment particles. The main purpose of the silt fence is to prevent soil erosion by reducing the velocity of runoff water and trapping sediment before it enters nearby water bodies or sensitive areas.

Silt fences are installed along slopes, at the bottom of slopes, or around disturbed areas to intercept and retain sediment-laden runoff. They are commonly used in construction projects, such as road construction, residential development, and landscaping. The fence is usually supported by wooden or metal stakes and buried partially in the ground to provide stability.
Proper installation and maintenance of silt fences are crucial for their effectiveness. They should be installed downhill from the disturbed area, ensuring that the runoff flows into the fence. Regular inspection and sediment removal are necessary to prevent clogging and maintain the fence's efficiency. Silt fences are typically used in combination with other erosion control measures, such as sediment basins and erosion control blankets, to provide comprehensive sediment control on construction sites.
Silt erosion protection fence

Silt erosion protection fence