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Welded Wire Mesh Used for Temporary Rubbish Cages

Rubbish cages are a type of storage facility used to store household and construction waste. They provide a secure and safe way to contain items that cannot be easily disposed of or recycled. Rubbish cages are commonly found outside homes, businesses, construction sites and other places where large amounts of waste are generated.

Hot dipped galvanised rubbish Cage specification:
Normal size: 1.8m(W) x1.6m(H)x2m(L), 1.8m(W)x1.8m(L)x1.6m(H), 1.8m(L)x1.2m(W)x1.5m(H) etc.

Mesh aperture: 50mmx50mm, 60mmx60mm,50mmx100mm
Wire: 2.1m, 3.15mm, 4mm
Frame pipe: 25mm, 32mm, 42mm, 48mm pipe

1). Welding then galvanized, uniform mesh
(2). High strengh with good quality low carbon steel wire
(3). Beautiful appearance
(4). Bright comfort feeling
(5). View widely
(6). Easy install
Rubbish Cage

Rubbish Cage