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Dutch Weave Wire Cloth

Products: Dutch weave wire mesh
Material: Black iron wire, Stainless steel wire.
Size: General Specification Or As customer’s Requirement.
HS code: 7314190000
Sample: General specifications are available in stock and free samples offered.
Place of Origin: Anping, Hebei, China.
Quality: ISO9001:2000、ISO14001、CNAS、SGS
Payment Terms: T/T or L/C
Port: Xingang, Tianjin, China

Dutch weave wire cloth is different from plain weave wire cloth and twill woven wire cloth, the dutch weave wire cloth has different diameter in the weft and warp directions. 
Commonly the warp wire is coarser wire, which can supply the high tensile strength for the wire mesh. The weft wire is finer wire, which can ensure the excellent filtering performance.
This unique structure with greater strength and finer openings is primarily used as a filter cloth.

Plain dutch weave wire cloth is the combination of dutch weave and plain weave. It has two sizes of wire diameters like the dutch weave. Each warp wire with coarse wire diameter passes alternately over and under one weft wire to supply high tensile strength for the netting.
The weft wire with fine wire diameter alternately passes over and under one warp wire to form a fine opening for filtering.
The plain dutch weave woven wire cloth is mainly used for filtering and separating liquid and slurry products.


Mesh per Inch (Warp X Weft) Wire Diameter (Warp X Weft)
12mesh x 64mesh 0.58mm x 0.40mm
14mesh x 88mesh 0.50mm x 0.33mm
24mesh x 110mesh 0.355mm x 0.25mm
30mesh x 150mesh 0.23mm x 0.18mm
40mesh x 200mesh 0.18mm x 0.14mm
50mesh x 250mesh 0.14mm x 0.11mm
60mesh x 300mesh 0.14mm x 0.09mm
70mesh x 400mesh 0.12mm x 0.08mm

Plain dutch weave wire cloth
Advantages of  the plain dutch weave wire cloth:
Greater mechanical stability.
Finer opening for better filtration efficiency and quality.
Coarser wire for higher tensile strength.

Twill dutch woven wire cloth is the combination of dutch weave and twill weave. The weft wires passes alternately over and under two warp wire forming a finer mesh in the warp direction and the warp wires forms a coarser mesh in the warp direction in the same weaving.
Twill dutch woven wire mesh is superior to the twill woven wire cloth because of the finer openings. It can support greater loads than the dutch weave wire mesh. It is used for filtering heavy materials.

Mesh per Inch (Warp X Weft) Wire Diameter (Warp X Weft)
24mesh x 220mesh 0.30mm x 0.25mm
20mesh x 250mesh 0.30mm x 0.20mm
50mesh x 500mesh 0.14mm x 0.11mm
80mesh x 700mesh 0.10mm x 0.08mm
 165mesh x 800mesh 0.071mm x 0.045mm 
200mesh x 600mesh  0.071mm x 0.050mm 
 200mesh x 1400mesh 0.14mm x 0.09mm 
165mesh x 1400mesh  0.071mm x 0.04mm
325mesh x 2300mesh  0.035mm x 0.025mm
400mesh x 2800mesh 0.030mm x 0.02mm

Twill dutch woven wire mesh
Advantages of the twill Dutch weave wire mesh:
Better filtering performance.
Higher tensile strength.
Can be used for filtering ultra-fine products.
Much more stable structure.

Dutch Weave Wire Mesh