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Galvanized Steel Grating

Products: Steel Grating
Material: High quality carbon steel flat bar.
Size: General Specification Or As customer’s Requirement.
HS code: 732690
Place of Origin: Anping, Hebei, China.
Quality: ISO9001:2000、ISO14001、CNAS、SGS
Payment Terms: T/T or L/C
Port: Xingang, Tianjin, China
Steel Grating is a steel structure material applied to building construction projects, which provides superior solutions to engineer and architects all over the world. Steel Grating also known as steel bar grating or steel grating plate, it is the most popular grating type due to its strength, cost efficient production and easy installation. Steel grating plate is widely used in most industrial facilities as well as commercial buildings, it has numerous applications such as platforms,walkways,stair treads, drainage covers, trench cover, safety barriers, and so on.
steel grating
Steel Bar Grating consists of a series of bearing bars welded at various spacing to perpendicular cross bars to build a load-bearing panel. Typical panel configuration has bearing bars that are spaced 30mm (center to center) with perpendicular cross bars spaced 100mm apart (center to center). Other spacing are available to meet your loading and open area requirements. Uses include ground mats and transformer pit covers for the electrical substation industry; trench grating covers for the automotive industry; walkways for aggregate conveyor systems; wet drainage applications at poultry plants and wastewater facilities.
Common Specifications for Steel Bar Grating:
Bear Bar Type
Flat Bar, I-Bar, Serrated Bar, etc..
Bearing Bar Size
20x3mm, 25x3mm, 32x3mm, 40x3mm, 20x5mm, 32x5mm, 40x5mm, 50x5mm, 60x5mm, etc..
Bearing Bar Spacing
20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 33mm, 40mm, 43mm, 60mm, etc. or 1-3/16", 15/16", 13/16", 11/16", etc.
Cross Bar Type
Twisted Steel Rod, Flat Bar.
Cross Bar Size
3mm, 4mm, 5mm ,6mm, 8mm or thicker
Cross Bar Spacing
50mm or 100mm, 2"or 4"
Bearing Bar Length
Customized from 1000mm to 6000mm or more
Cross Bar Length
400mm, 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, etc.
Material Grade
Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, and aluminum bar grating, etc.
Treatment Available Hot dipped Galvanized, Polished and Powder Coated.
China:YB/T4001-1998, USA:ANSI/NAAMM(MBG531-88), UK: BS4592-1987, Australia:ASl 657-1992
(1)Used as walkways and platforms in all kinds of plant, such as power plants, chemical plants, steel plants, paper-making plants and so on, providing safe access solutions in any industry.
(2)Used as platform of ramps, channels, pumping stations and engine room in all kind of vessel.
(3)Used as platform & flooring in all kinds bridge, such as side road of railway bridge, suspension bridge, trestle bridge, and so on, providing a safe working environment.
(4)Used as Stairways & Stair Tread, which are made from the high-quality fused press welded bar grating with various tread types and sizes.
(5)Used as Drainage Cover at municipal engineering and road.
(6)Used as Tree Guard, to protect the soil around trees.
(7)Used as safety fencing barrier, which is a kind of stronger fence system.
(8)Other uses, such as oil platform, wharf road, washing platform, tower platform and building fence.
steel grating
Press-locked Grating is also called pressure locked grating or press-locked steel bar grating. Basically, the press-locked grating have the same load capacity with the welded steel bar grating. The difference between press-locked grating and welded steel bar grating are joint connection technology and cross bars.
Compared to welded steel bar grating, which is produced through resistance-welding process, the press-locked grating is constructed with the two close-tolerance slotted bars bonded together by tremendous hydraulic pressure. This production can let press-locked grating be a permanent locking.The press-locked grating has excellent lateral stiffness,which can be used in some special applications.
press-locked steel grating
Aluminum Grating:
Aluminum Grating is lightweight, corrosion resistant, non-sparking, compared with other steel bar grating, it is lighter in weight without compromising to the load capacity and mechanical strength. The material of aluminum grating is available ASTM B221, 6063 or 6061 alloy.
Bearing bar sizes range from 1" x 1/8" through 2-1/2" x 3/16" in 1/4" increments.
Bearing bar spacing of 1-3/16", 15/16", 11/16" and 7/16" c.c. with cross bar spacing of 4" or 2".
The advantages of aluminum grating:Unique interlocked structure supplies high strength and durable structure; Good anti-slipping performance for safety protection; Self-cleaning and less maintenance save your labor costs;Excellent corrosion and rust resistance performance for durability; Quick and easy installation save labor costs and times for projects. 
aluminum grating
Features of the Steel Grating:
Unique interlocked structure supplies high strength and durable structure.
Excellent corrosion and rust resistance performance for durability.
Smooth surface,Painted or galvanized surface treatment for longer service life.
Self-cleaning and less maintenance save your labor costs.
High strength and load capacity.
Good anti-slipping performance for safety protection.
Good air, light and water circulation.
Firm and durable, temporary or permanent applications.
Quick and easy installation save labor costs and times for projects.
steel grating
steel grating