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Gabion Box

Products: Gabion Box
Material: carbon steel wire
Size: General Specification Or As customer’s Requirement.
HS code: 73144100, 73144200.
Place of Origin: Anping, Hebei, China.
Quality: ISO9001:2000、ISO14001、CNAS、SGS
Payment Terms: T/T or L/C
Port: Xingang, Tianjin, China


Gabion box has two types, woven gabion and welded gabion. Woven gabion is made from hexagonal wire netting and welded gabion is made from the welded wire mesh sheet, which are widely used in slope protection, foundation pit supporting, mountain rock holding, river and dams scour protection.

Material: hot dipped galvanized iron wire, Galfan wire (95% Zinc 5% Aluminum), PVC coated iron wire.
Tensile strength: 350-500Mpa, Elongation ≥12%, according to EN10223-3
Wire diamater
Mesh wire: 2.0mm-4.0mm
Selvadge wire:3.4mm,3.8mm
Lacing wire:2.2mm,2.5mm
Mesh size: 60*80mm, 80*100mm, 100*120mm
Color: Darkgreen, gray ,black , etc.

Gabion box size:
1*1*1m, 2*1*1m, 3*1*1m, 4*1*1m, 6*2*0.3m
Characteristics: Easy to install, rust prevention, corrosion prevention, low cost, high safety and less goods to be transported.
Water and soil protection
Bridge protection
Hydraulic structures
Stengthening structure of soil
Protection engineering of seaside area
Retaining wall structures
Flood bank or guiding bank
Prevention of current scour and erosion control
Rockfall prevention and soil erosion protection.

Flexibility: Flexibility is an important benefit of any gabion structure. The double-twist hexagonal mesh construction permits it to tolerate differential settlement without fracture. This property is especially important when a structure is on unstable soil conditions or in areas where scour from wave action or currents can undermine the toe of the structure and cause structural settlement.

Durability: Gabions support plant growth which provides a live coating for the wire mesh and stones, adding to their durability. Generally, the wire mesh is needed for the first few years of the structure’s life; later the void between the stones is filled with soil, silt, and plant roots which act as a bonding agent for the stones.

Strength: Steel wire hexagonal mesh has strength and flexibility to withstand forces generated by water and earth masses, and the pervious nature of the gabion allows it to absorb and dissipate much of that energy. This is evident on coast protection installations where gabion structures remain effective long after a massive rigid structure fails. Additionally, the double twisted hexagonal mesh won’t unravel if cut.

Permeability: Gabion walls are previous to water and stabilize slopes by the combined action of draining and retaining, precluding the development of hydrostatic pressure behind the gabion wall. Drainage is accomplished by gravity, as well as evaporation as the porous structure permits air circulation through it. As plant growth develops within the structure, the process of transpiration assists in removing moisture from the backfill – a much more efficient system than weep holes in standard masonry walls.

Low cost: Gabion systems are more economical than rigid or semi-rigid structures for the following reasons:
It requires little maintenance
Its installations does not require skilled labor and stone fill is available on site or from nearby quarries,
It requires little or no foundation preparation, as the surface needs to be only reasonably level and smooth. Gabions are porous, requiring no costly drainage provision

Ecology: Gabions is an environmentally sensitive solution to slope stabilization. It has already been mentioned that stone fill is done with natural stones making the gabions, naturally porous allowing interaction between the land and the water table and also persuades deposition of soil in the smaller voids between the stone fill during drainage that again promote vegetation growth.

Aesthetics: Gabions supporting vegetation has already been discussed; in some case the vegetation growth is so intense, making the gabion structure invisible, and pleasant to look at. Again if additional effort is given during construction, the gabion can create really pleasing structure with or without vegetation. Unlike other types of materials such a modular block walls the gabion stones do not discolor due to drainage.

Gabion box