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Woven Black Wire Cloth

Products: Woven black wire cloth
Material: High quality carbon steel wire.
Size: General Specification Or As customer’s Requirement.
HS code: 7314490000
Place of Origin: Anping, Hebei, China.
Quality: ISO9001:2000、ISO14001、CNAS、SGS
Payment Terms: T/T or L/C
Port: Xingang, Tianjin, China
Woven black wire cloth is made of low carbon steel wire. It is also called black woven wire mesh, iron wire cloth. It is commonly supplied in rolls, we can also cut it into pieces, in round, rectangular, square, oval and other shapes as customer's requirements.
Material: low carbon black steel wire.
Weaving type: plain weave, twill weave, dutch weave, Herringbone weave, etc.
Wire diameter: 0.15-1.0mm as normal.
Regular Specification: 1-60 meshes/inch, width: 0.6m to1.5m; The length of each roll is 30 meters.
Opening-Mesh/inch Wire diameter - mm
60x60 0.15,0.17mm
50x50 0.19,0.20mm
40x40 0.21,0.25,0.30mm
30x30 0.23,0.30mm
28x28 0.3,0.4,0.5mm
26x26 0.3,0.4,0.5mm
24x24 0.3,0.4,0.5mm
22x22 0.3,0.4,0.5mm
20x20 0.3,0.4,0.5mm
18x18 0.3,0.4,0.5mm
16x16 0.3,0.4,0.5mm
14x14 0.3,0.4,0.5mm
12x12 0.3,0.4,0.5,0.6,0.8mm
10x10 0.3,0.4,0.5,0.6,0.8mm
8x8 0.4,0.5,0.6,0.8mm
6x6 0.4,0.5,0.6,0.8mm
5x5 0.5-1.2mm
4x4 0.8-1.6mm
3x3 1.0-1.6mm
2x2 1.4-2.0mm
1x1 1.6-2.5mm
dutch weave 12x64 0.4x0.6mm
dutch weave 14x88 0.5x0.35mm
dutch weave 24x110 0.35x0.25mm
dutch weave 30x150 0.3x0.23mm
dutch weave 40x200 0.18x0.13mm

Special specifications can be customized.

Features: woven black steel cloth has the characteristics of smooth surface, flat mesh, long service life, reusable, wide use, low price, etc.
Application: Black steel wire cloth is widely used in the filtration of plastic industry, rubber industry, grain, petroleum, chemical industry, etc. It is also used to filter particles, powders, liquids and gases; used to make various molds and filter pieces of various shapes; Granulation and Film Blowing, Plastic Granulator Filter Mesh.